Society killed the teenager

Society:  Oh, my god? Did you see? She's got like... 75 kilos? What a fattie. She must be eating in every second of her damned life.
Society: God, how can she be so skinny? We bet she's anorexic, or she has bulimia. She's totally sick.

Society: You smoke? So many cigarettes a day? You must be addicted. You're so crazy, you're destroying your life.
Society: You never touch any cigarette/drink/drugs? Whoa, are you scared of mommy and daddy? Live a little. YOLO.

Society: You failed every exam? It must be very difficult to get at least a high grade. Dumbass.
Society: You have A/10 in every single subject? Teacher's pet. You have no life.

Society: Do you know she's listening to rock and heavymetal music? She must be a satanist. Stay away from her.
Society: I know she's listening to JB and Lady Gaga and shit. She must be a whore with no taste in music.

Society: She had more than 5 boyfriends in a year? Lady of the night. Such a bitch.
Society: She never had a boyfriend? Yeah, she isn't pretty at all. Serves her best. She gets a boyfriend? Whoa, she's the prettiest girl in town.

Society: You're poor? Stay away from us. We won't invite you anywhere.
Society: You're rich? Go buy your own gang.

Society: You don't have any friends? Anti-socialistic. You must be a weirdo.
Society: You have tons of friends? Always in center of attention and friendly, huh? We'll talk you behind your back.

Society: Did you hear that? She commited suicide! Oh, she was such a beautiful person! May her soul rest in peace. We are terribly sorry for this horrible loss to humanity. We were always nice to her.
Society *months later*: About her? Should we know about her? We just know she died.

Society killed the teenager. 

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